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-- and the ustice department is just days away. before anyone steps into the courtroom james rosen explains why one lawmaker is already cross-examining the attorney general's star &pwitness. 3 attorney general eric holder is figgting in ourt... to block texas from enacting state paased last year... wwich equires registered voters to posssss as well a valid, state-issuee photo i-d. proponents say it'll eeforrement officer disagrees.- holder says: "[w]e objected to a photo id requirement in texas because it would have had a disproportiooate impact on hispanic voters." to prove that, the department of justice retained as an expert witness... harvard university professor of government stephen ansolabehere... who in turn relied on a data fiim called catalyst to supply statistical iiformation... such as the percentages of whhtes and minorities in texas who are registered to vote."i had [previously] conducted several studies using the catalist data [the rofessor testified] anda"aa&i found identified by catalist as black, white oo hispanic identified themselves in the race projected
remain in critical condition. >>> good afternoon. i'm pat lawson muse. >> i'm jim rosen field in for jim hanley this afternoon. it was the first appearance for holmes since the deadly rampage. >> jay gray has more from the family members. >> you have a right to be represented by an attorney. >> reporter: these are the first public images since the attack, a picture of evil for so many watching, including the family members of the victims. >> he does look fairly, seems like demonic or something like that. >> reporter: the 24-year-old is accused of plotting for months and then carrying out a rampage wore a maroon jailhouse jumpsuit, haired dyed red and pink. >> i just want to see his face. >> reporter: he was disengaged, head bobbing back and forth, at times wide-eyed and fighting to keep his head up and open. >> mr. holmes, do you have any questions about that initial advisement? >> reporter: the judge setting the rules on what both sides in the case can discuss publicly, allowing the defense with 24 hours' notice to examine the crime scene and suspect's apartment. charges in the case, li
and democratic strategist hilary rosen. also this morning, a few minutes with bob costas of nbc sports, on the penn state sex abuse scandal. after this week's devastating report about who knew what, and when. >>> good morning. well you knew it was going to get nasty and here we are in this presidential fight. really the choice is by the fall, is this going to be a campaign that turns on the obama economy? or mitt romney's business record? a week ago we were talking about a bad jobs report for the president. this week, because of the obama team going on the offensive, it's all about romney's bain record. and the president is staying with it on the campaign trail yesterday in virginia. >> he invested companies that have been called pioneers of outsourcing. i don't want a pioneer in outsourcing. i want some in-sourcing. >> the response now, the adviser of the romney campaign ed gillespie. good to have you back. >> thanks for having me. >> so this period of time that matters, 1999 to 2001, and the question of mitt romney's tenure at bain is really what's been at issue. an issue that's been
gorgeous. >> mark rosen balm is the lead attorney for the aclu. >> at one point, this campus housed as many as 4,000 veterans. beginning with the vietnam war era, the vets were kicked out, literally kicked out. >> around 200 veterans live on the property today but none of them in permanent housing. alongside them, empty buildings, a public golf course, variety of public businesses-like a theater and bus depot. >> this land has been utilized for enterprise rent-a-car, marriott hotels. they know what this land's about. >> reporter: with veterans sleeping on l.a. streets, i decided to head to the v.a. to see why this land isn't used for their housing. >> people said, look, that property is not being used for that purpose. is that a legiti >>> we've been investigating a story in los [ male announcer ] summer is here. and so too is the summer event. now get an incredible offer on the powerful, efficient c250 sport sedan with an agility control sport-tuned suspension. but hurry before this opportunity...disappears. ♪ the mercedes-benz summer event ends july 31st. ♪
rosen says he is working with state lawmakers to either extend or limit the statute of limitations in sex crimes against children. his foreign nonprofit group to push for that issue as well. kiddo think you also tonight is and as a family is behind bars accused of forcing mentally disabled people to live in a house of squalor. officers were called to the home on courtroom drive right person live there there they found it doesn't malnourishment with disabled adults living in felt the conditions along with dozens of dogs police say the house was littered with feces and urine also there was no running water and the people there were forced to sleep on mattresses scattered throughout the home. given the will to cannot care for themselves the exploited and victimized even more subject to abuse and neglect is that they had to go through. police arrested four people accused of running back home they're all related investigators say the suspects were also stealing social security checks from the victims. the residents now are in protective care. the jockey died after falling from his horse
than ever. here is chief washington correspondent james rosen. >> we have long known that barack obama is a self-made man. racially confused son of a white mother from kansas and dark skin kenyan father he met only once. restless figure with roots from honolulu to new york, indonesia to illinois. >> my story is part of a largeer american story. >> he told that story most fully in his 1995 memoir "dreams from my father." the literary debut that med with wide critical acclaim and huge sales. at the time, author obama admitted to changing people's names and compressing characters and younolog chronol. henry ferris was the editor. >> i was struck by how talented the writer was. >> now historian david marion pain stakenly traced the life of the first black president. barack obama, the story presents by some counts more than three dozen material discrepancies in the president's rendering of his own life. case and point. dreams relate how the president's paternal grandfather was deteened and tortured by british colonialists in a prison outside nairobi. after interviews and research he deems t
republicans on the defensive. james rosen has more. >> i think when people accuse you of a crime, you have every reason to go after them pretty hard. >> reporter: facing a growing clamor from within his party that he toughen up and start throwing punches, mitt romney release a web video that accuses president obama of crass cronyism by rewarding donors with stimulus funds and government jobs. >> this is a tough time for the people of america fur a campaign contributor to barack obama, your business may stand to get hundreds of millions of dollars in cash from the government. i think it is wrong. i think it sinks to high heaven. >> reporter: the obama campaign in turn sited two ill-fated loans that the state of massachusetts gave when romney was governor to companies run by donors to come knee's gubernatorial campaign. >> he should release the tax returns tomorrow. >> reporter: despite friendly fire like this, romney held fast it to his plan to release only two years of tax returns and challenged mr. obama to release the fast and furious documents. >> this is a bargain right here. >> yeah.
correspondent james rosen at the state department. >> rebel advances in the capital of damascus included the most stunning development yet in syria's 16-month uprising. a bomb blast purportedly the work of the free syrian army and aided by sympathizers inside the regime that decimated the top level meeting of a syrian cabinet. killing among others the defense minister seen here at screen right and the deputy defense minister president bashar assad's brother-in-law. >> this is the decisive day for the syrian uprising. also irreparable loss for the assad regime. it's now a matter of time. >> nobody thought that the free syrian army was capable of getting inside a three-story building that is the heart of the national security apparatus of the regime. >> this regime has been decapitated except for president himself. >> the whereabouts of assad himself were unknown. no one could say how long he would hold on to power. at the white house, president obama telephoned russian president vladimir putin. aides said the two agreed on the need to support a political transition as soon as possible. in
that guy can hide now. >> reporter: prosecutor jeff rosen has some words. >> this is about lynch and revenge outside of the court. >> i feel like i can probably have some peace and get on with my life. >> reporter: one last legal issue remains the district attorney's officer has one week to decide whether he wants to retry lynch on the lesser assault charge. rosen says his office is considering it. >>> new details tonight in a shocking story of neglect. authorities describe horrible treatment of mentally disabled adult at a nonlicensed care home. matt keller may have learned more victims who may not have been located. >> reporter: many we spoke to tonight said they had no idea what was happening behind these walls. cameras keep an eyen on everyone who walks up to the door. no one answered the door, near by some dead grass speckled the yard and small mess in the driveway. but nothing like what police found inside the home. >> even before they entered the home they could smell the stench of urine and dog feces. >> reporter: they found 11 adults, we have photos of four suspects. all
: prosecutor jeff rosen has some words. >> this is about lynch and revenge outside of the court. >> i feel like i can probably have some peace and get on with my life. >> reporter: one last legal issue remains the district attorney's officer has one week to decide whether he wants to retry lynch on the lesser assault charge. rosen says his office is considering it. >>> new details tonight in a shocking story of neglect. authorities describe horrible treatment of mentally disabled adult at a nonlicensed care home. matt keller may have learned more victims who may not have been located. >> reporter: many we spoke to tonight said they had no idea what was happening behind these walls. cameras keep an eyen on everyone who walks up to the door. no one answered the door, near by some dead grass speckled the yard and small mess in the driveway. but nothing like what police found inside the home. >> even before they entered the home they could smell the stench of urine and dog feces. >> reporter: they found 11 adults, we have photos of four suspects. all are related and range in age from 20 to 72. inve
's president has come out of hiding. chief washington correspondent james rosen has the latest live from the state department. james? >> reporter: bret, good evening. syrian government deployed helicopters and artillery against the rebel opposition. british base human rights group reported 250 casualties. 60% of them civilians. making this is the highest single day death toll in history of the 16-month uprising. from state run television, the first images of syrian president bashar assad since rebel forces assassinated three of his top aids. the occasion was the swearing in of the new defense minister. assad never spoke and u.s. officials still said they don't know where he is. capital city of damascus wilted under a fifth day of battle with assad's grip on power badly shaken. the main fear of u.s. policy makers is the prospect of syria suffering a complete breakdown of authority. however, current and former obama administration officials told fox news that american and allied intelligence agencies do have a pretty good fix on where most of the regime's chemical and biological weapons ar
the attorney general star witness. chief washington correspondent james rosen has the latest. >> attorney general eric holder is fighting in court to block texas enacting the voting law that passed last year. which requires registered voters to possess valid state issue photo i.d. it will help cush voter fraud, the nation top enforcement officer disagrees. >> we object to this in texas because it has disproportionate impact on hispanic voters. >> the prove that, department of justice retained harvard university professor of government who in turn relied on data firm called catalyst to supply statistical information. such as the percentage of white and majority in texas who are registered to vote. i had previous studies using the data, he testified and found nearly all persons identified by catalyst, black, white or hispanic identified themselveses in the survey being in the same race projected by catalyst. >> the if there is a perception that catalyst was cooking the books they would lose the clients. >> they are all about integrity. >> a look at website shows they are all about the ideol
of thousands of jobs in the united states. first let's get to james rosen live in washington. they say this is a shift to being on the offense. what prompted the shift pray tell? >> it's no mystery, shep, for weeks now conservative opinion leaders have been demanding that the presumptive g.o.p. nominee toughen up and start throwing punches. to that end his campaign released a web-only video today that accuses the president of paying off i had his bundlers, donors and supporters with stimulus funds and government contracts and jobs. however, the government did not yield to conservatives who now agree with the white house that romney should release more of his tax returns. >> if why wanted to talk about transparency, the real issue is why has this president used his presidential power and executive privilege to keep the information about the fast and furious program from being explained to the american people? this is not some personal matter. romney says his plan to release two years of tax returns goes beyond what the law requires. >> so many conservative commentators says you have got
, the wrong side of hope and peace and stability in the region. james rosen with the news, he's live at the state department. james, how does the united states know where these chemical weapons are? >> shep, good evening. this has been a long standing area of focus for both the american and the israeli intelligence communities. the regime is believed to have close it 50 chemical and biological weapons facility, as well as tons of chemical weapons materials stored throughout the country. but current and former obama administration officials told fox news, wej8o=j7ímr' pretty good fix on where most of them are. >> i think we've got to look very seriously at finding ways either to destroy those weapons in place or neutralize them or do something so if the regime falls, the chemical weapons in particular don't get into the hands of terrorists like al-qaeda or aren't used by regime generals as their passport out of the country. this is very serious throughout the region. >> these are not far fetched scenarios. two years ago, president assad is believed to have transferred rockets and scu
, credit cards, student loans and more. james rosen is live in washington with details on us. thanks. >> john, good evening, these documents by the new york fed today show america's central bankers had early glimpses of the lending scandal surrounding the average interest rates that the banks in the u.k. charge each other. barclay has already paid out a half billion-dollar settlement and top officers there have resigned amid disclosures that the large british bank misreported data in order to fix the rate. other u.s. and uk banks are now under investigation. these new documents show that back in april of 2008, when treasury secretary timothy geithner was the new york fed president, investigators there interviewed critical witnesses, quote: the barclays employee explained that barclays was underreporting its rate to avoid the stigma associated with being an outlier with respect to its libor submissions relative to other participating banks. seven weeks later geithner emailed the governor of the bank of england recommending that the british banker's association or dba, quote, require
36 hours. with that that as a bag ground,s rosen is live at the state department. why exactly do analysts say this particular attack means they're on the brink? >> well, shep, one particular analyst, an informal advisor to the state department has developed data mining software that can monitor on line social media like twitter. state officials noted that the on line media today coming out of da mas damascus is similar tt which presewedd the fall of -- preceded the fall of muammar mur qaddafi. the president called putin to talk about the crisis and they agree on the need to support a political transition in syria as soon as possible. the situation is getting more violent every day in syria, and it only proves the point that we've been making, that the window is closing. we need to take action in a unified way to help bring about the transition of the syrian people, the action they deserved. >> reporter: republican senator graham of south carolina today accused the obama administration of fid ling while syria burns. >> what happens next is dependent on what assad does next. does t
and columnist for "time" magazine, mike murphy. democratic strategist hilary rosen. president of americans for tax reform, grover norquist. and president and ceo of the naacp, ben jealous. welcome to all of you. so much to discuss. but let's talk about the battle over bain, that's become the issue, and mike murphy and hilary rosen, here are the dueling ads. this is what the obama team put out first on this outsourcing issue, and then how romney responded. we'll play a little bit of each. >> running for governor, mitt romney campaigned as a job creator. >> i know how jobs are created. >> but as a corporate raider, he shipped jobs to china and mexico. as governor he did the same thing. outsourcing state jobs to india. >> the obama outsourcing attacks, misleading, unfair, and untrue. there was no evidence that mitt romney shipped jobs overseas. candidate obama lied about hillary clinton. >> so shame on you, barack obama. >> but america expects more from a president. obama's dishonest campaign. another reason america has lost confidence in barack obama. >> okay. strategists, how is this playin
are tied up in the courts or awaiting justice department approval. so what's it all about? james rosen with the news live in d.c. day one for this trial today, what happened in court, james? >> shep, good evening, after opening argument, the state of texas led off adam the hired gun out of chicago representing the lone star state denied that the photo i.d. law was intended to discriminate against minorities and said it would not have that effect. he also took direct aim at the credibility of stephan, the harvard professor who was doj's expert witness. the professor had produced a report showing that 1.9 million people in texas are registered to vote there but don't have a photo i.d. the black majority of them black and hispanic. then brian keith ingraham who heads the texas secretary of state's elections divisions got on the stand and testified that he spotted himself and his wife on the professor's list of supposedly disenfranchised voters. and to hammer home the point, shep, ingraham produced his own driver's license. >> shepard: the burden here is on tax to prove that it is not disc
under california's three strikes law. jeff rosen tells the mercury news that the inmates are serving life sentences for third strike convictions that were minor offenses. a measure modifying california's three strikes law will be on the november ballot. if passed, it would impose life sentences, only when a new felony conviction is serious or violent. >>> the ncaa is hitting penn state with an unprecedented number of sanctions in the wake of the jerry sandusky sex abuse scandal. the ncaa's president this morning announced the sweeping penalties which stopped short of shutting down the university's football program altogether. penn state faces a hefty fine equivalent to the annual gross revenue of the football team. >> the ncaa is imposing a fine of $60 million on the university with the funds to be used to establish an endowment to support programs around the nation that serve the victims of child sexual abuse. >> the college sports governing body is also banning penn state from any bowl games or postseason play for four years. in addition, victories from 1998 to 2011 will no longer
to let you know we do help people. thank you. >> i'm dan rosen, a retired city employee and also a clergy person at times. supervisors elsbernd knows. i want to relate one call. i have been to a couple suicides, i have been to a drowning and a number of natural deaths. d.p.h. has their hands full with the other violence and homicides. can you imagine you're having a picnic with your dad on sunday. you go to work on monday expecting everything to be fine and you receive a call going to your dad's home. your dad has died by a heart attack during the night. totally unexpected. you arrive home, an elderly aunt lives with the dad who has a touch of dementia and doesn't understand what is going on. paramedics extend their condolences. the medical examiner determines it's a natural death and the job is done. the daughter is left now to care for the aunt and her dad. i don't know what to do. i have never experienced this. what are my next steps? who do i call? as a crisis care responder, we're there to offer that emotional support to help her through the emotions of it, the shock, the trauma, and
of we out of 1500. >> mike rosen of weaver brothers grain company is satisfied. business is good. >> we are probably looking at around 845 or 426-bushel average. >> today is our 30th wedding anniversary. >> what else would you rather be doing quite dot mac? at. >> did he do anything special but. >> a vacuum out my combine and cleaned the windows. >> this will be better than we've had in the last 15 years. >> and by all accounts, as harvest is one for the record books. >> we have the perfect amount of rain at the perfect time. we didn't get too much or too little, just like irrigated we basically. >> with yields coming in anywhere from 50-70 bushels to the acre and a test with tipping the scales, complaints are few and far between. >> the fifth-generation farmers get the team rounded up and gets them started near their farm at chase kansas. >>> we weren't really sure where it was and where it wasn't. >> a massive half mile wide enough ef4 tornado took a pass to his farm. >> the grain bins i'd impacted the house. >> baltimore combines were inside show the public totals, so the machine sho
the inconsistencies and about the back story of the president. chief washington correspondent james rosen is looking into this and joins me live from our d.c. bureau. good morning, happy 4th james. >> reporter: to you, mart that. this is a simplest terms a tale of two books. it's a window into the kind of security knee you face when you become president of the united states. the blog is abuzz in three dozen discrepancieses in the live of barack obama as he related it in "dreams from my father" and the research findings of. prize winning editor david martinez. case in point he relates how the president's paternal grandfather was detained and tortured by british colonialists outside of nairobi. maninetz deems this unlikely. they called regina a fellow student at occidental college who helped the young barack obama embrace his african roots, the author says it's about pheurb i will obama that he didn't meet for eight years. they pointed out that mr. obama in the introduction to dreams openly admitted using composites and other forms of literary license but they also offered other reasons for the discr
in a new campaign ad starring an unlikely figure. james rosen with the new ad and a look at the battle over bain. >> so shame on you, barack obama. >> reporter: revisiting the last democratic primary the romney campaign's latest ad on the air in ohio portrays president obama as purveyor of quote, vicious lies. >> "the washington post" says on just about every level this add is misleading unfair and untrue. >> reporter: the obama campaign cited this article in the "washington post" last month which alleged trend of outsourcing american jobs was quote, pioneered by a half dozen companies which bain capital, mitt romney's old private equity firm invested. >> does iowa want an outsourcer in chief in the white house? >> reporter: ceos of six companies countered they added jobs in america while romney at bain and use of foreign call sun terse and packaging plants was solely to support existing foreign sales. fact weighed in and said quote, we found no evidence to support the claim that romney while running bain capital shipped american jobs overseas unquote. >>> what the romney campaign
of hitting the united states. chief correspondent james rosen in d.c. those time lines always moving. don't make you teal better though. >> reporter: from the department of defense, jenna, a sobering assessment of an islamic regime with the largest inventory of ballistic missiles in the middle east and bolstering its ability to defend against a foreign attack. at friday prayers iran's intelligence minister was enthusiastically greeted by worshippers in tehran with chants of down with america. top officials in the regime made pointed threats about its ability to shut down the straits of hormuz which estimated 20% of the world's oil supply transit each day. the u.s. responded with a build up of its own military assets in the persian gulf including published report of a fresh deployment of a forward staging warship and undersea drones. this classified report first obtained by bloomberg was submitted by defense secretary leon panetta late last month to four congressional committees to provide lawmakers with classified and unclassified assessments of iran's capabilities. this report concludes,
and inconsistencies in the presence story. chief correspondent james rosen is live. reporter: good afternoon. the president touched on account of his own life story is, as you say, receiving fresh scrutiny. mr. obama has written about a white girlfriend he had in new york in the early 1980s. that woman recently identified as genevieve cook says that mr. obama grossly exaggerated some of the details of their experiences together. the president himself recently knowledged in an oval office interview that he took an incident with a different girlfriend in chicago, one that heightened his sense of estrangement from white people at the time, and made it seem like that happen with genevieve cook. these are some of the discrepancies that people can find in "dreams from my father", the best-selling memoir that mr. obama published in 2005. and also, barack obama the story. which is by trent eight. it was his mother and daughter who left barack obama senior, a physically volatile bigamist, not the other way around. in the introduction, mr. obama admitted his impression of character. some suggested tha
rosen explains why. >> after months of research the "wall street journal" has dramatically revised its estimate for how much organized labor has spent on political activity over the last seven years. the journal now places the figure not at 1.1 billion, the number usually cited based on filings with the federal election commission, but at 4.4 billion, a figure reached after examination of additional documents known as lm2 that the union has been required to file since 2005 with the department of labor. >> we have always known, but now the "wall street journal" story has documented more. really the power of unions has been in their ability to mobilize their members. either to get them out to vote, to volunteer in campaigns. i think it is a controversy within the labor movement. how much emphasis they should be placing on politics, how much emphasis they should be placing on workplace issues and on membership issues more generally. >> indeed after their stinging defeat in the recall election the rank and file may wonder what they have gotten for their money. big labor prevailed in the ba
policy dispute, huge sums of money get their messages out. in washington, james rosenment fox news. >> harris: and paying off for a texas man spent decades searching for his stolen sports car. he says he spotted his 1967 austin healy on ebay looked like the one taken from his home in 1970. he called police and the car was tracked to a dealership in los angeles. he's right. it was his car, he says he bought it for $3,000, you know what it's worth today? >> 23 and probably priceless at 23,000 for him because he loves it. he helped us track down the world's most wanted man. a pakistani doctor, and now a cruel prison sentence in pakistan. how much power should the government have when taking land away from americans. they call it eminent domain. is it taking liberties? we report, you decide. [ female announcer ] you can make macaroni & cheese without freshly-made pasta. you could also cut corners by making it without 100% real cheddar cheese. but wouldn't be stouffer's mac & cheese. just one of over 70 satisfying recipes for one from stouffer's. st $14.99. start with soup, sa
to pressure iran to curtailing the suspected nuclear weapons program. but tonight we learn from james rosen there is more than that to worry about. >> ballistic missile tests conducted at unknown location by the iran revolutionary guard last week coincided with report that leon panetta sent to congress june 29. first obtained by bloomberg the report sees islamic regime on the march in all conventional, unconventional and nuclear categories. secretary panetta cited iran steady growth in the missile and rocket, and the range of the accuracy of the system. >> this administration has been clear and strong on the issue of iran. the military and nuclear capabilities, developing widespread international consensus, to bring pressure to bear on the iranian. >> armed with missiles to reach israel and eastern europe, iran is building more and may be able to test fly intercontinental ballistic missile capable of striking america by 2015. the u.s. own naval buildup in the persian gulf includes deployment of the warship ponce from which the helicopters an special ops forces can be launched to action. ger
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 116 (some duplicates have been removed)